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Content designers: your transformation project's secret weapon

A session hosted by Christine Cawthorne
Content strategist and director, Crocstar

Content designers are a transformation project's dream. They're not just word nerds: they're thinkers, pragmatics and influencers. And they're tireless advocates for the user.

In this talk I'll show you how a team of grammar guardians can help:

  • tell the story of what digital transformation means in a way that resonates

  • represent the user and articulate their pain points

  • think through the implications of what decisions mean for the user

  • break down silos by working side-by-side with subject matter experts

  • get people on board - that's both internally and outside of the organisation.

In this session you'll hear how content designers are crucial to getting the transformation your organisation is looking for. With plenty of examples from the public, private and non-profit sectors, you’ll get a clear idea of what content designers do and how you can help them work their magic.

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