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Deliberate Disruption - how Red Teaming helps you adapt and survive

A session hosted by Marcus Dimbleby
Partner, Red Team Thinking

The only way forward right now is to adapt and evolve. There is a way through this crisis, but navigating this changed world is going to require new ways of thinking. You are going to have to learn to challenge your assumptions, embrace hard truths, and make plans that are adaptable and resilient.

There is a model for this: red teaming. Militaries and intelligence agencies around the world have been using it for years to cope with challenges just like the one we face now. In fact, they’re using it right now.

What we'll cover:

  • How slowing down to speed up is key
  • How to identify missed opportunities and expose hidden threats
  • How true agility doesn’t come from doing ‘Agile’
  • How to counter groupthink and enable true psychological safety
  • How red teaming helps you deal with the VUCA world

Become the distruptor, not the disrupted.

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