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Delivering Accessible Products: How to connect with your missing 20% of customers

A session hosted by Prof. Jonathan Hassell
Lead author of Accessibility Standard ISO 30071-1 & CEO, Hassell Inclusion Ltd

Speaker expertise

Lead author of the UK and International Standards for embedding strategically in organisations to help them make it business as usual - Accessibility Standards BS 8878 and ISO 30071-1. Over 18 years' experience in training organisations internationally.

In two months digital technologies have gone from a “nice-to-have” for most, to a “must-have” for all. There are many digital opportunities in #TheNewNormal. Many of your new users, using digital to do things they’ve previously done offline, may be older or have disabilities. Serving their accessibility needs is paramount for supporting them now, and retaining them once Covid-19 is over.

However, many organisations find accessibility expensive because they think about it late in their product development. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Based on his book Inclusive Design for Products, and the new ISO 30071-1 Standard, Jonathan Hassell will share how embedding accessibility in 4 places in your product development lifecycle can make accessibility achievable and affordable:

  • Getting your product’s accessibility requirements right
  • Planning accessibility into sprints and test strategy
  • Prioritising accessibility fixes
  • Accessibility in launch planning

Come and learn from one of the top Inclusive Design thought-leaders.

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