Gathering and analysing views and experiences with a voicebot

A session hosted by Alexander Howard and Sarah Vincent
DIEM Analytics and DIEM Analytics

11 June 2020, 09:00 AM

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Topics covered by this session

About this session

This session focuses on how AI can be used to collect and analyse interview narratives across an organisation or customer base. There will be a technical presentation as to how DIEM Analytics have achieved this through the development of a truly intelligent voicebot and the settings it has been deployed in. After the technical presentation this session will be interactive with a discussion as to why and when it can be advantageous to use AI rather than a human to conduct interviews.

This session may appeal to people who: *Have an interest in how humans interact with AI * Feel that employee or customer engagement could be improved within their organisation * Realise that there is more to voice technology than asking Alexa for the weather forecast

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