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How commercial relationships can become strategic partnerships

A session hosted by Stuart Maister and Kevin Vaughan-Smith
Mutual Value & Mutual Value Ltd

Speaker expertise

Stuart is a former BBC TV and radio reporter who has led multiple communications businesses, winning awards and leading major storytelling projects around the world. He now focuses on the strategic narrative that becomes the foundation for the actions and communication of those who need to be engaged. This achieves clarity and aligns the leadership and the teams around a well understood story. He is also the joint leader of Mutual Value, a new initiative which creates much more productive strategic partnerships between parties, moving away form transactional relationships that are the feature of many commercial agreements.

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Wouldn’t it be great to move away from transactional relationships in commercial arrangements? Wouldn’t it be great to buy and sell based on a strong sense of personal integrity and an intention that both sides win from the process? Wouldn’t it be better if both sides could speak openly and look for the most optimal outcome for the challenges being faced?

We think so, and we believe the way to achieve this is through an approach of Mutual Value. In this webinar we define this and set out how best to manifest it as a vendor or buyer.

We will look at:

  • What creates a transactional mindset

  • How this serves neither buyer nor seller

  • How to adopt a Mutual Value approach to commercial relationships

  • How to develop a strategic partnership based on this model

Those leading transformation need to co-create value, and this webinar will help consider how best to do this.

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