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Managing Remote Teams

A session hosted by Lou Mooney
Director - Digital Workplace, Escalla

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I have been involved in some of the largest and most rewarding digital workplace transformation programmes over the last 20 years. The recent transition away from traditional workplace environments to remote working has never been more relevant as organisations have had their hands forced, and are having to deal with the implications afterwards.

For many of us, managing people at work, now means managing people from home.

But during the quick transition to the new normal, the focus has been on mastering remote technology such as MS Teams, Slack, Zoom etc.

However, managing people remotely comes with its own set of unique challenges and getting the most from people that you rarely meet face to face is something that stretches many leaders.

Don’t let it stretch you. Join our webinar to learn how to manage remote teams.

By attending this webinar you’ll learn: - Tips for working from home for you and your staff - Building resilience - Types of remote worker - Communicating with your remote team

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for new and experienced managers who want to get to grips with digital leadership and managing remote teams."

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