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Personal digital skills for the new post peak world of work

A session hosted by Bob Barker
Personal Development and Digital Skills, Digital Common Sense

Speaker expertise

35 years in the technology industry, the last five focused on digital competence, confidence and curiosity. Working with large organisations through the Leading Edge Forum and individuals or SME's through Digital Common Sense. There is a book, models, metrics, 'how to' guides, checklists and coaching programs available to support this work.

"We have all now learned how to use video conferencing software better, or had to show others how to use it, and had to adapt to remote working the catalyst being the Covid19 crisis. But as we emerge into a new world of work what other personal digital skills are important which like video conferencing, we had paid lip service to in the past and hadn’t really mastered?

This session will act as an aide memoire for many areas of our work lives which although centred around technology, we never seem to get around to improve because we either didn't know you could, were stuck on old ways, or really just wanted to be shown how.

Topics will include online visibility, digital time management, productivity, collaboration, automation, knowledge management and digital wellness. "

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